We have proudly worked with general contractors in Calgary and surrounding areas on

projects such as tenant improvements, gas stations, strip malls, and rehabilitation centers.

Innovate Your Business

We strive to bring our customers the highest level
of electrical skill while keeping budgets and finding
ways to bring value to cost.

Through RWE each stage of construction is
completed with accuracy and precision. We not
only value high level workmanship but are also
committed to keeping our workspace neat and
tidy. To keep our teams ahead of the game each team member has access to updated plans, and all
answered RFI’s. Plan changes are viewable instantly through cloud based software thus lowering
the possibility of any errors.

Upon completion our team of electricians are also equipped with checklists that are completed and reviewed before the site may be demobilized.

Our team comes prepared each day to provide
practical insight and support, top tier quality
workmanship, timeliness, cleanliness, and most of
all, pride in the craftsmanship of their work.


Base Building

RWE has worked with developers in Calgary Alberta during base building construction to install electrical systems before local and national retailers move in. These Base Building installs usually consist of a large distribution system that branches out to smaller systems throughout the building to be utilized by the individual tenant

Switch Gear & Distribution

Distribution and switch gear systems come in many shapes and sizes. The size of the distribution system required for a building is determined by the load or power requirements of all the equipment installed inside the building. Some systems only require simple load centers to function, while others have transformers and series-rated equipment installed to protect against dangerous situations such as arc flashes. Did you know the electrical system in downtown Calgary requires higher fault current rated equipment?

Vehicle Charging Stations

Car Chargers are becoming more popular and businesses are proactively installing fast chargers for their customers.

Back-Up Generators & UPS Systems

In commercial buildings, a power outage can have detrimental effects on the functioning of a business. When you have a situation such as a company-wide computer shut down, all connections and networks need to be reset (usually by qualified expensive technicians). Installing an emergency back up power system allows most, if not all, of the essential electrical systems to continue operating by means of back up generators and battery banks. In most cases, these systems are equipped with an automatic transfer switch, so that during an outage, the power is automatically turned back on in the building without anyone having to flip any switches or having to contact outside help. Battery banks are commonly used to ensure that servers and other electronic equipment remain uninterrupted in the event of an outage while the utility company corrects the problem.

Lighting Controllers & Relay Panels

This combination is commonly used in commercial buildings to automatically control areas or sections of lighting to eliminate the need to manually flip a switch when entering a room. Lighting controllers]are used to automatically dim or turn the lights off when the room is not used. Relay control panels can turn on an entire building with pushing one button.

LED Upgrades

In recent years, lighting has seen the largest advance in technology since the invention of the light bulb. Businesses and building owners are looking to upgrade their old, power-consuming and poor-quality lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient solutions. LED fixtures require less maintenance, have a higher colour rendering index(CRI), and are more customizable to fit in areas that traditional florescent, incandescent and high-intensity discharge lighting(HID) would not fit.

HVAC, Make-Up Air Units And Control Systems

Every commercial building requires heating and cooling controls. These systems can either be controlled in the same building or they can be wired and connected to a Building Management System (BMS). They are also capable of utilizing a remote system where the temperature is monitored by a central party.

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