We have built our reputation as Calgary’s leading inner city custom home

electrical contractor by supplying our valued home builders with exceptional service.

Bring Your Home to Life

Calgary’s beautiful inner-city neighborhoods have been enhanced by modern and classic designer homes. RWE specializes in bringing custom homes to life with extensive product knowledge and workmanship of a true master electrician.

With so many electronic systems and complicated integrations, residential electric systems have never been more complex; however, RWE recommends and installs systems and products that work seamlessly to compliment your lifestyle. 

RWE also works directly with customers who are building their dream home. From the planning stages of the electrical design to the final connection our highly trained electricians strive to make the home building experience a positive one.


New Construction

We know that construction projects are not an easy task. There are many elements that come into play to ensure a successful build. We make it our mission to put you at ease by providing clear communication, expert craftsmanship, respect for the property and are readily available for support and insight into your electrical needs. Our process is simple, streamlined, and consistent throughout all stages of your projects electrical construction.

Service Calls

RWE is readily available to provide timely service calls 7 days a week. Our team guarantees you and your home will be treated with the utmost respect by ensuring your space is as tidy as it was before your service. We are also COVID conscious and will work according to your comfortability. This means we can even provide your free estimate over zoom conference calling.

Lighting Upgrades

In recent years, lighting has seen the largest advance in technology since the invention of the light bulb. Homeowners increasingly seek to upgrade their old, power-consuming, and poor-quality lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient solutions. LED fixtures require less maintenance, have a higher colour rendering index(CRI), and are more customizable to fit in areas that traditional florescent, incandescent and high-intensity discharge lighting(HID) would not fit.

Security System & Access Control

Looking to add security systems to your property? RWE takes time to find the perfect system for your home and budget from ordering to installation. No matter what happens, you’ll always have an added sense of safety with top of the line security and access control systems.

Smart Products

The smart home has finally arrived! With the latest in technology, you can now turn your home into a smart hub. From remotely turning up your thermostat, to locking your doors, and playing music with simple voice commands RWE will get you started with your home upgrades by offering recommendations and providing installation.

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